English Syllabus & Modal Paper ( Airforce X Y )


I. A short passage followed by four questions to test comprehension.

The questions will be set :
1. To judge understanding of the passage.
2. To draw inference
3. To judge understanding of vocabulary

II. Grammar – 1
1. Subject – verb concord
2. Forms of verbs and errors in the use of verbs, etc.
3. Sequence of tenses and errors in the use of tenses
4. Transformation of sentences – Compound, Complex, Simple, Negative,
Affirmative, Comparative degree, Positive degree, Superlative degree etc.

III. Grammar – 2
1. Formation of words – Nouns from verbs and adjectives, Adjectives from nouns
and verbs, Adverbs from adjectives etc
2. Determiners
3. The Preposition
4. Nouns and Pronouns
5. The Adjective
6. The Adverb
7. The Conjunction
8. The Modals
9. Clauses – Noun clauses, Adverb clauses of condition and time and Relative

IV. Vocabulary

1. Synonyms and Synonyms in context
2. Antonyms and Antonyms in context
3. One word substitution
4. Spelling pitfalls
5. Simple Idioms/phrases
6. Words often confused/Selecting the correct word fitting in a sentence

V. Narration (Direct and Indirect)

1. Commands and requests
2. Statements (Various tenses)
3. Questions (Various forms of questions, tenses, etc.)

VI. Voice (Active and Passive)

1. Changes required under each tense.
2. Other conditions for transforming Active into Passive
(a) The Preposition
(b) Modal auxiliaries
(c) Infinitive
(d) Participles

VII. Jumbled Sentences


Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: (Q.No.1 to 4):

Personally I dislike the praise of poverty and suffering. I do not think they are
at all desirable, and they ought to be abolished. Nor do I appreciate the ascetic life as a
social ideal though it may suit individuals. I understand and appreciate simplicity, equality,
self- control but not the torturing of the body, I believe that the mind and habits have also to
be trained and brought under control. It would be absurd to expect that a person who is
given too much self-love can endure much suffering or show unusual self-control or behave
like a hero when crisis comes. To be in good moral condition requires as much training to be
in physical health.

Q.1. The writer does not like the praise of poverty. It is:
(A) Personal opinion                (B) Opinion of the all people
(C) Opinion of the ascetics       (D) Opinion of the simple people

Q.2. To whom the ascetic life may be suitable?
(A) To the writer            (B) To the socially advanced
(C) To individuals          (D) To all the members of society

Q.3. What does the author mean by ‘ascetic life’ in the passage?
(A) Equality              (B) Self-control
(C) Simplicity            (D) Mortification of the body

Q.4. Which of the following words could replace the word ‘absurd’ as used in the
(A) reasonable      (B) congruous      (C) simple      (D) silly

Identify the incorrectly spelt word:
Q.5. (A) Seperate        (B) Occur       (C) Receive        (D) Accommodate

Choose the word almost nearest in meaning to the word given below:
Q.6. Zest
(A) passion        (B) apathy      (C) lazy       (D) boredom

Choose the word almost opposite in meaning to the word given below:

Q.7. Embellish
(A) sacrifice (B) disfigure (C) forfeit (D) indict

Choose the correct one word substitute for the following stem:

Q.8. A well experienced person.
(A) Officer (B) Senior (C) Apprentice (D) Veteran

A sentence, split into four parts, has been given. Choose the best order which
produces the original sentence:
Q.9. for backward classes (1) / a vexed problem facing us (2)and
to reserve more seats (3) / is the clamour to open more colleges (4)
(A) 2,3,4,1     (B) 2,4,1,3      (C) 2,4,3,1      (D) 2,1,4,3

Choose the most appropriate answer and fill in the blanks: (Q.No.10 to 14)
Q.10. The authorities seem to be ______ concerning the condition of workers.
(A) liberal    (B) insensitive   (C) ignorant     (D) responsible

Q.11. He _______ for a walk daily in the morning.
(A) go    (B) shall go     (C) will go     (D) goes

Q.12. _______ thing of beauty is a joy forever.
(A) A     (B) The   (C) One    (D) An

Q.13. The thunder was accompanied ________ a heavy rain.
(A) from (B) up (C) by (D) with

Q.14. The noun form of ‘detect’ is ________
(A) dictator    (B) detention    (C) detective    (D) detection

Choose the sentence that conveys the same meaning as the given sentence:
Q.15. He is greater than me.
(A) I am not so great as he    (B) I am the greatest
(C) I am as great as he       (D) He is as great as I

Spot the erroneous parts, if any, in the following sentences: (Q.No.16 to 18)

Q.16. He met     with an accident    and admitted  in the hospital.   No error.
             A                    B                               C                                           D

Q.17. He stole a dog  and sold the dog     for Rs.50/–      No error
                       A                             B                  C                   D

Q.18. Both   Mili   as well as  Meena   are beautiful.      No error
             A                    B                           C                            D

Change the narration:

Q.19. The teacher said to me, “Be regular and learn your lessons daily.”
(A) The teacher told me to be regular and learn your lessons daily.
(B) The teacher asked me to be regular and learn my lessons daily.
(C) The teacher advised me be regular and learn my lessons daily.
(D) The teacher advised me to be regular and learn my lessons daily.

Change the voice:

Q.20. It is time to buy books.
It is time __________.
(A) all the books to be bought     (B) for the books are being bought
(C) for the books to be bought     (D) for the books have been bought.


1.(A )   2.( C)  3.( D )  4.( D )  5.( A )   6.( A )   7.( B )   8.( D )   9.( C )  10.( B )  11.( D )   12.( A )    13.( C)    14.( D )   15.( A )   16.( C )     17.( B )    18.( B )    19.( D )     20.( C )

एयरफोर्स की तैयारी फ्री में करने के लिए हमारे यूट्यूब चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करें


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