Math Syllabus & Modal Paper For Air Force X,Y Group

Math Syllabus For Air Force X,Y Group,
Math Modal Paper For Air Force X,Y Group,
Online Air Force की तैयारी , फ्री कोचिंग

1.       Sets, Relations and functions
2.       Trigonometric Functions
3.       Inverse Trigonometric Functions
4.       Complex Number and Quadratic Equations
5.       Linear Inequalities
6.       Mathematical Induction
7.       Permutations and Combinations
8.       Binomial Theorem
9.       Sequences and Series
10.    Cartesian system of rectangular co-ordinates
11.    Straight lines and family of lines
12.    Circles and family of circles
13.    Conic sections
14.    Three-dimensional Geometry
15.    Matrices and Determinants
16.    Limit and Continuity
17.    Differentiation
18.    Applications of Derivatives
19.    Indefinite integrals
20.    Definite Integrals
21.    Applications of the Integrals
22.    Differential Equations
23.    Mathematical Reasoning
24.    Linear Programming
25.    Vector
26.    Probability
27.    Statistics

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