central idea 12th class up board

                       Central idea up board 12th class

 1 central idea of Character of a happy life

In the poem “character of a happy life”the poet Sir Henry Wotton says that we learn that wordly possessions and wordly success are not necessary for a happy life.If a man wants to spend a happy life,he should avoid all desires and fears.He should be pious,self respected and self possesioned.Common vices such as jealousy and flattery should not touch him. 

 2 central idea of on his blindness

In this sonnet poet explained the noble idea of the greatest faith in god.The poet says that god does not need man’s work.He does not need his own gifts.He recognises,as his true servants,even those who are willing to work.Willingness and the desire to serve god is important.It is as good as real service.person who want to serve god but cannot serve him cause of some difficulty,should not worry.God will accept them like those who did real service.

3 central idea of la belle dame sans merci

The ballad la belle dame sans merci is written by john keats.In the central idea of the poem is the futility of romantic love resulting in utter disappointment.It also hints at the cruelity of beautiful flirts.A girl as beautiful as fairy had enslaved and destroyed kings,princes and warriors and now she has ruined him.The cruelity of the beautiful girl and the unfullfilled love of the knight are the chief points of the poem.

4 central idea of my heaven 

the poem my heaven is written by Rabindra nath tagore.The central idea of the poem is the desire for ideal perfection in the motherland.The poet wants real and spritual freedom.The poet wants his country people to be fearless,self respecting.Men should be perfectly reasonable and should always strive for perfection.His country then be a heaven in itself.

5 central idea of songs of free

In the poem songs of free poet swami vivekanad shows his faith in the divine character of human soul.The world is full of pain,misery and trouble and difficulties.sometimes our fate and nature also do not favour us.If we have faith in God,we need not be afraid of all these things.The ups and downs of life give us an opportunity to show our best caliber.So we should have faith in God and achieve the goal of life.

6 central idea of an elegy written in country church yard

In the poem the poet Thomas gray pays his tribute to the simple and ignorant people who are lying buried in their graves.The poet advised people not to be proud of their noble birth,wealth,power and beauty.the all things die one day.The end of the journey of our life is death.which is certain to all.

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