One word substitution for SSC cgl , airforce navy and other competitive exam

One word substitution for SSC cgl , SSC chsl, SSC mts, Indian airforce y group ,X group Navy Mr NDA के लिए आज में one word substitution की पोस्ट लिखने जा रहा हूं। आपसे उम्मीद करता हूं की आपको ये पोस्ट पसंद आयेगी।इस पोस्ट में मैं आपको सरल तरीके से और root word का प्रयोग करके one word substitution सीखने की कोशिश करूंगा।

  One word substitution for SSC cgl

Cide means “killing of someone”
दोस्तो cide का मतलब है किसी की हत्या करना

Algicide/algaecide  –    A substance for killing algae.(शैवाल नाशी)
Feticide         –   destruction of a fetus.( भूर्ण हत्या)
Filicide          –  killing of one’s child.( पुत्र हत्या)
Fratricide     –   killing of one’s brother.( भ्रातहत्या)
Fungicide     -A substance for destroying fungus.(फफूंदनाशी)
Germicide   – A substance for destroying germs.(जीवाणुनाशी)
Homicide     –  killing of a human.(नरहत्या)
Herbicide    –   A substance for destroying unwanted herbs or plants.(शाकनाशी)
Infanticide  – killing of an infant.(शिशुहत्या)
Insecticide  – A substance for killing insects.(कीटनाशी)
Mariticide  – killing of one’s spouse (usually husband).
Matricide   –  killing of mother.(मातृ हत्या)
Nepoticide  – The act of killing one’s nephew.(भतीजे की हत्या)
Patricide    – killing of one’s father.(पितृहत्या)
Parricide    – killing of one’s parents.(माता पिता की हत्या)
Pesticide     – A substance for killing pests.
Piscicide     – Killing of fish.
Regicide     -killing of a monarch(king).(राजहत्या)
Sororicide  –  killing of one’s sister.(बहन की हत्या)
Suicide        –  killing of self.(आत्महत्या)
Tyrannicide  -killing of tyrant.(निरंकुश शासक की ह्त्या)
Uxoricide    -killing of wife.(पत्नी की हत्या)

One word substitution with root word “vorous
Vorous” means eating on something or feeding on something.दोस्तो Vorous  का मतलब होता है किसी वस्तु को खाना

Apivorous    –  feeding on bees.
Carnivorous – feeding on flesh.
Cannibal      – feeding on human flesh.
Frugivorous  –  feeding on fruits.
Graminivorous  – feeding on grasses.
Granivorous  –  feeding on granes/seeds.
Herbivorous  –  feeding on herbs.
Insectivorous  -feeding on insects.
Omnivorous   -feeding on everything.
Piscivorous   – feeding on fishes.

One word with root word “culture

“Culture” means to grow/cultivate/nurture
दोस्तो root word CULTURE का मतलब होता है किसी वस्तु को उगाना या पालन पोषण करना

Agriculture  – Growing of food by farmers.
Apiculture   – Nurture of bees.
Aviculture    – Nurture of birds.
Floriculture  – Growing of flowers.
Horticulture – Pertaining to cultivate of gardens.
Pisciculture  – Nurture of fishes.
Sericulture   – Growing of silk.
Viticulture    – Growing of grapes.

One word substitution with root word “Phobia
Root word “Phobia” means fear of something.
दोस्तो root word Phobia का मतलब होता है किसी वस्तु से डर

Acrophobia        – Phobia for height.
Aerophobia        – Phobia for flying.
Agoraphobia      – Phobia for open space.
Claustrophobia  – Phobia for narrow space.
Demophobia       – Phobia for crowd.
Entomophobia    – Phobia for insects.
Haemotophobia  – Phobia for blood.
Neophobia           – Phobia for new things.
Nictophobia         – Phobia for darkness.
Toxiphobia          –  Phobia for poison.

One word substitution with root word “cracy

Root word “cracy” means ruling pattern or form of government.
दोस्तो root word cracy  का मतलब होता है शासन व्यवस्था का प्रकार

Anocracy– A form of government which is neither fully democratic nor fully autocratic.
Aristocracy– A form of government run by the high class social persons.
Autocracy– A government run by single individual.
Bureaucracy– A government by non elected officials.
Democracy– A form of government where people are eligible to choose their rulers.
Despotocracy– Rule by a despot.
Diabolocracy– Government by the devil.
Ergatocracy– Goverment by the workers.
Gerontocracy– Government by the old people.
Kakistocracy-A government run by worst people.
Kleptocracy-A government by thieves.
Mobocracy-A government by mob.
Neocracy-A government by inexperienced people.
Ochlocracy-A government by the mob or crowd.
Plutocracy-A government by rich and wealthy people.
Particracy-A government run by one or more political parties rather than individual politician.
Stratocracy-A government by military forces.
Timocracy-A form of government in which people must own property in order to be part of the government.
Theocracy-A government by religious people in the name of God.

One word with root word Mania.

Root word Mania means Addiction to & excessive obssesion with
दोस्तो root word “mania” का मतलब होता है किसी वस्तु का लती होना या किसी वस्तु की आदत होना

Arithomania-Mania of numbers.
Biblomania-Mania for collecting books/Addiction to books.
Dipsomania-Mania for Alcohol.
Graphomania-Mania for excessive writing.
Megalomania-Mania for thinking oneself all powerful.
Kleptomania-Mania for stealing.
Porimania/Hodomania/dromomania-Mania for travelling.
Opsomania-Mania for taking excessive food.
Pyromania-Mania for fire raising.
Xenomania-Mania for foreign living.
Mythomania-Addiction to lying or exaggerating.
Theomania-Mania fo believing religion.

One word with root word “logy”

Logy means study of something
दोस्तो root word “logy”  का मतलब होता है किसी विषय या वस्तु का अध्ययन करना

Anthropology-The study of origin and development of mankind.
Biology-The study of living things.
Chronology-The study of time.
Dendrology-The study of trees.
Ethnology-The study of comparison of human races.
Entomology-The study of insects.
Epistemology-The study of nature of knowledge.
Etiology-The study of causes of disease.
Etymology-The study of the origins and history of words and their meaning.
Geology-Study of earth.
Genealogy-The study of family history.
Ichthyology-The study of fishes.
Morphology-The study of forms or structure.
Necrology-The list of dead persons who died in certain period of time.
Neurology-The study of the structure and diseases of the brain and all the nerves in the body.
Oncology-The study of cancer.
Orology-The study of mountains.
Paleontology-The study of fossil animal or plants.
Pathology-Study of diseases.
Petrology-The study of rocks.
Philology-The love of study or learning.
Sociology-The study of human societies and social behavior.
Theology-The study of religion.
Zoology-Study of animals.

One word with root word graph/graphy
Graphy/graph means to write

Autobiography-The story of a person’s life written by the person himself.
Autograph-Self writing/the signature of a famous person.
Bibliography-writing a list of books or articles that a writer used when he was writing a particular book or article.
Biography-The story of a person’s life written by somebody else.
Barograph-Recording of atmospheric pressure.
Calligraphy-Beautiful writing.
Cartography-The art or process of drawing or making maps.
Choreography-writing of dance steps.
Cinematography-Writing of film scenes.
Graffiti-Writing on walls.
Homograph-The words that have same pronunciation but different meaning.
Lithography-Priting from a plane surface.
Monography-Write a monograph.
Phonograph-A record player.
Photography-The skill of taking photograph.
Seismograph-An instrument that used to measure earthquakes.
Telegraph-A method of sending message over long distance.

One word with root word philic/phill/phile
Root words philic/phill/phile means Love/Attraction

Anglophile-Love for English.
Androphile-Love for man.
Bibliophile-Love for books.
Caninophile-Love for dogs.
Necrophile-Love for dead bodies.
Philogynist-Attraction for woman.
Philhippic-Love for horse.
Philotheism-Love for God.
Retrophile-Love for past.

One word with root word agogue
Root word agogue means to lead or to incite

Andragogy-Methods and principles used in adult education.
Antisialagogue-Substance that decrease the production of saliva.
Demagogue-Popular leader of people.
Ethnagogue-A leader of nation.
Hemagogue-An agent that promotes the flow of blood.
Hypnagogue-A drug that leads and induces to sleep.
Mystagogue-Person who leads and initiates into mysteries.
Pedagogue-A school teacher.
Pedagoguette-A female teacher.
Psychagogue-One who leads the mind.
Synagogue-The worship place of the god where all people are same.
Secretagogue-A substance which promotes secretion.
Xenagogy-Guidebook for tourists or visitors.

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