Use of Was and Were in Hindi

USE OF WAS and WERE in Hindi

✔जिन वाक्यों के अंत में ‘था’ ,’थी ‘,’थे शब्द  आते है उनमे  Was या Were का प्रयोग करते हैं।

Structure :



1. Affirmative Sentences

⇒Sub + was / were + noun

Example :-

(1)   अशोक एक महान शासक था।
        Ashok was a great king.

(2)   मैं अपने कमरे मे था।
        I was in my room.

(3)   छात्र कक्षा में थे।
       The students were in the class room.

(4)   तुम एक सैनिक थे।
       You were a soldier.

(5)   माली बाग मे था।
       The gardener was in the garden.

2. Negative Sentences

⇒Sub + was/were + noun


(1)  मैं कमरे में नही था।
       I was not in the room.

(2)  तुम सैनिक नही थे।
      You were not a soldier.

(3)  माली बाग में नही था।
      The gardener was not in the garden.

(4)  आम टोकरी में नहीं थे।
      The mangos were not in the basket.

(5)  हम गरीब नहीं थे।
      We were not poor.

3. Interrogative Sentences

⇒ Was/were + sub +(not) + noun + ?


(1)    क्या अशोक एक महान शासक था ?
        Was Ashok a great king. ?

(2)    क्या छात्र कक्षा में थे ?
        Were the students in the class?

(3)    क्या फल टोकरी में थे ?
        Were the fruits in the basket?

(4)    क्या मेरी पुस्तकें मेज पर नहीं थीं।
        Were my books not on the table ?

(5)   क्या वह स्कूल का चपरासी नही था ?
        Was he, not the school peon?

(6)   क्या छात्र कक्षा में नहीं थे।
        Were the students not in the class room.

4. Double Interrogative Sentences

⇒Wh.word + was/were + sub +(not) + noun + ?


(1)    वह कौन था?
        Who was he?

(2)   मै गरीब क्यों था ?
        why was i poor?

(3)   वह कैसा सैनिक था ?
        how was he a soldier?

(4)   फल टोकरी में क्यों नहीं थे ?
       Why were the fruits not in the basket?

(5)  तुम घर पर क्यों नहीं थे ?
       Why were you not at home ?
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