Essay on importance of electricity in our daily life

 Importance of electricity in our daily life

Introduction: scientist who invented many useful things for the good of mankind. We use  somethings very rarely. Some things we need very often but there are things that we use everyday. We use them every moment. Electricity is the most important of such things.
Electricity is an essential resource for a thriving life. It runs our daily life. Life without electricity would be impossible to imagine now.

Production of electricity: All commercial electrical power on Earth is generated with a turbine, driven by wind, water, steam or burning gas. The turbine drives a generator, thus transforming its mechanical energy into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction. There are many different methods of developing mechanical energy, including heat engine, hydro, wind and tidal power. Most electric generation is driven by heat engines.
Importance of electricity in our daily life:

At home: At home we need electricity all the 24 hours.We need light when we get up early in the morning. Electricity helps us to iron our clothes. In the summer electricity moves our fans,coolers and ac.It runs our radio and television set. Electricity runs our refrigerator.It keeps our room cool in summer and warm in winter.New machines are being invented.They will serve us at home electricity will run them.

At work: electricity helps us in our work. Electricity gives  energy to do work. Farmers need electricity to irrigating crops. Electricity generate power to operate tubewells. In office we need electricity to operate computer. Factories and workshop lead electricity. Nursing home doctors need electricity. Electricity runs our factories mills and trains.

At marvel: now we have all electric restaurants. Who discovered by electricity heaters. Food is placed in cases. They are duly labelled on one side of a long room. The customer comes he chooses the food he requires.When the price is placed in a slot at the side the window of the case automatically opens. The customer takes away is food to the other side of the room. Tables and chairs are there for his use. When he has finished Disney the dirty dishes are placed on a moving Band. Latest bhagya by electricity and the dishes are carried away. On the go to the electric washing machine.

Conclusion: Thus we see that electricity is needed at every point in our daily life. we need it at home. We need it at work.We need it in the office and we need it in the fields. We depend upon it.We cannot imagine life without electricity.

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