Pollution Essay

Pollution problem in India

Introduction: pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. These harmful materials are called pollutants. Pollutants can be natural or man made. Pollutants damage the quality of air, water and land.
There is an ideal balance in our biosphere. The percentage of various gases remains the same in our environment. But the rapid increase in population has created imbalance in it. Pollution is a global problem. although urban areas are usually more polluted than the countryside.

Pollution: the process of polluting the water, air atmosphere etc. especially by means of poisonous chemicals is pollution. Pollution makes our environment unfit for living. We have to check and control it at all costs.
Kinds of pollution: There are  different kinds of pollution. Mainly there are four kinds of pollution namely air pollution water pollution noise pollution and soil pollution.

Air pollution: the imbalance of gases in the air is called air pollution. The burning of coal petrol and diesel in vehicles and automobiles produce poisonous gases. These pollute environment. The big reason of air pollution is factories.
Sulphuric acid affects the lung tissues and produced chronic cough. Nitrogen oxides loss the power of resistent to influenza. Carbon mono oxide affects the brain badly and diminished human memory. Radioactive substance make the living tissue dead.

Water pollution: Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies usually caused due to human activities. Water pollution is any change, minor or major in the physical, chemical or biological properties of water that eventually leads to a detrimental consequence of any living organisms. Drinking water, called Potable Water, is considered safe enough for human and animal consumption.

Sewage pollutes the river and sea water. In big cities like Mumbai 9 crore gallon sewage is dumped into the sea every day. Also the industrial waste pollute water.Pesticides used in agriculture when dissolved in to the rain water reach the rivers. Let’s of tons of raw petroleum flow into sea while it is loaded and unloaded into tankers. Radioactive substances also reach the rivers.
Sunlight fails to reach the water plants due to polluted water.The Mercury and lead compounds find their way to fish through water and the plants. The use of such fish affects the human eye and brain. Oily pollution check the supply of oxygen to fish and consequently they die in a large number. Polluted water causes diarrhoea.
Noise pollution: sound above 85 decibel is called noise pollution. Noise is created in big cities by means of cranes, trucks and other automobile. Industries and machines also cause noise. Generator and heavy equipments used in industries creates noise that is cause of noise pollution.noise is also produced by means of cinema ,radio,transistor, crackers and loudspeakers.
Man can hear 40 decibles of sound. If a man hairs 85 decibels for a long period, he will became deaf. Noise increases possibility of wounds in digestive glands.noise affects the nerves of pregnant woman’s uterus and affects the behaviour of the child afterwards. No is disturbed sleep affecting mental and bodily health. Noise pollution also affects wildlife and marine life. Noise pollution can impact animals hearing skills. Noise pollution also affect crop production.

Soil pollution: soil pollution defined as presence of toxic chemicals in soil.when a proper disposal of house excreta and refuge, industrial waste, agricultural residue is not made, soil pollution is the result. Soil erosion  and deforestation cause soil pollution.
It creates a favourable climate for the disease germs. It diminishes productivity. It increases possibility for floods and droughts.

Conclusion:The government has set up the department of environment to check pollution.The program of the Ganga cleansing is a step towards the control of pollution.Noise pollution must be made punishable offence. Documentary films regarding environment should be shown to the public.

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