One word substitution with root word for all competitive exams

One word with root word graph/graphy
Graphy/graph means to write

Autobiography-The story of a person’s life written by the person himself.
Autograph-Self writing/the signature of a famous person.
Bibliography-writing a list of books or articles that a writer used when he was writing a particular book or article.
Biography-The story of a person’s life written by somebody else.
Barograph-Recording of atmospheric pressure.
Calligraphy-Beautiful writing.
Cartography-The art or process of drawing or making maps.
Choreography-writing of dance steps.
Cinematography-Writing of film scenes.
Graffiti-Writing on walls.
Homograph-The words that have same pronunciation but different meaning.
Lithography-Priting from a plane surface.
Monography-Write a monograph.
Phonograph-A record player.
Photography-The skill of taking photograph.
Seismograph-An instrument that used to measure earthquakes.
Telegraph-A method of sending message over long distance.

One word with root word philic/phill/phile
Root words philic/phill/phile means Love/Attraction

Anglophile-Love for English.
Androphile-Love for man.
Bibliophile-Love for books.
Caninophile-Love for dogs.
Necrophile-Love for dead bodies.
Philogynist-Attraction for woman.
Philhippic-Love for horse.
Philotheism-Love for God.
Retrophile-Love for past.

One word with root word agogue
Root word agogue means to lead or to incite

Andragogy-Methods and principles used in adult education.
Antisialagogue-Substance that decrease the production of saliva.
Demagogue-Popular leader of people.
Ethnagogue-A leader of nation.
Hemagogue-An agent that promotes the flow of blood.
Hypnagogue-A drug that leads and induces to sleep.
Mystagogue-Person who leads and initiates into mysteries.
Pedagogue-A school teacher.
Pedagoguette-A female teacher.
Psychagogue-One who leads the mind.
Synagogue-The worship place of the god where all people are same.
Secretagogue-A substance which promotes secretion.
Xenagogy-Guidebook for tourists or visitors.

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